Liquid image EGO 727 web browser controll

Change Liquid image EGO 727 settings using web browser. Just download Liquid-image-EGO-web-browser-controll.rar, unpack 2 files and run "index.html".

Turn EGO wifi on, connect to this wifi network with PC/notebook/smartphone and open index.html in web browser and make some parameter changes. After each click on buttons, camera beeps. If camera doesn't beep, check if wifi default gateway IP adress is If not, replace IP adress with your EGO IP adress in "index.html" (find string "").

2013-08-23 07:22:50
Good work! How did you manage to sniff that?
2013-09-08 23:22:15
Great work man.
I suspect you telneted the EGO 727 to get this info?
Keep up the good work!!
2013-09-09 08:50:54
I used only WiFinspect app to capture wifi traffic in my android phone :).
2013-09-09 18:56:48
Bzucko > Thank you for your help. I managed to connect via telnet to the EGO, however I do not have the credentials to login. The only promt I have is : "Buildroot login:".
I tried to use default password without success.
Do you have any info about this?
Thank you in advance.
2013-09-09 19:15:15

From Yury mail:
"Telnet - on firmware 3310 (ver 2222 doesn't have telnet port open)
ip192.168.42.1 port23 login:root pass:123456
BUT!!!! As soon as you enter password and hit enter - YOU MUST HIT ctrl+C or device will lock its telnet access and you will have to reflash it again."

I do not have EGO camera anymore, because I returned it to my dealer :)
2016-05-30 16:22:23
RTSP stream:
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